Sunday, November 20, 2016

Good bye dinner

Brian and Ashley took Elder Cox and his comp. out for dinner last night to say good bye, I'm sure there will be plenty of people that will miss this cute kid, but we will be happy to have him back. :)

22hr's and 23 min's left till he's home!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Dang  you  might miss the emails.... but all the chores are going to start to get done again, and i can finish up all the projects and stuff. So I was wondering if you could have my phone activated for when I get home and stuff that would be great. So this week was good our investigator looked like he was shaping up but then he didn't come to church this Sunday, so he wont be getting baptized. The sisters here are having a baptism on Saturday so its all good. other than that we have done a ton of service, we stained a deck and we did a whole bunch of yard work, went and cut wood, i got to fall a couple of huge trees, after that we painted a whole house on the inside.
Dad I will be forever grateful for coming on a mission, not only for the people I got to help but for all the help it gave me as a person, I am so different. My goals and my outlook is so different I know i am going to be such a better parent and husband, I know I will stay active now, when before I might have not.  I have seen the consequences of not living the gospel and it scares me, so i know i will stay rooted in the gospel forever.  I have in a sense become more spiritually mature and a lot more mature other wise, you might not even think i am your son.

I love you dad, I will see you next week!!

Elder Cox will be reporting on Sunday the 27th @ 1 PM 

95 N. 2125 W. Cedar City, UT 84720

lunch will be at 11 am @ the Cox's home 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saturday's adventure and more

So Saturday was crazy, we got up at 5am to make in to Indianapolis on time. We got up there and the people that we were with that were going threw for there living endowment forgot there recommends, so the temple started making phone calls and they got taken care of. Well i get up there and give it to him he puts in the number because it wouldn't scan and then realizes it is expired, and so i called president Welch but he was in a mission president seminar so he could write me a new one. I just sat out side well my comp went in and watched, it was okay we were really there for him anyway so it worked out. Then Brian came and got us because I could go in, so we left right after it was over and then he dropped us off in Lawrenceburg, you have to drive threw it to get to Liberty so i couldn't be that close and not stop you know. We took them out to dinner (Rials) and then we talked for a while and they brought us home. it was a great day even though i couldn't go in, so it went pretty well and that about wraps it up. I am cooking squirrel for my district this wed. ha ha i have caught about 5, i even caught an albino one its cool. They are all excited about that, i have cooked it quite a few times out here, there are about 1 million squirrels here. well i love you mommy 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy birthday kid

It all is going good here, we have some one getting baptized  the second week of November. It's going to be awesome, he's so ready other than that I just keep plugging along. We don't have a car and i actually acquired a really nice bike that i built in Kettering that i sold in Dayton, my other bike is in storage so we are currently walking, its not to bad my back is great.  we do a ton of service around here, i think i do 4 hours everyday. it has been refreshing, well  not a ton of stuff to talk about. i love you, ill see you in 4 weeks. 
Ps. so you have a time yet? 

my new comp is elder heumann, he is from California  and our new apt is the nicest apt in the mission. we have a fire place!! we have already in a week burned a half a cord of wood, ha ha it is so great i missed having a fire.

This last week was also elder Cox's birthday... Yay 21! 

(Brian and Ashley Gilbert)
 Celebrating Kurtis's 21 birthday.  We only got to visit with him for 2 hours. That so much fun. At least he didn't do what I did on my 21st birthday.

All pictures by Brian Gilbert

Kasey also had a pizza and mnt. dew sent to kurtis' apartment for his birthday!!! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Last transferr

So I am getting transferred and it's going to be interesting for sure, I am going to liberty OH. It should be great, well other than that I am trying to decide what I am going to leave and what I am going to send home, and other stuff like that but it is all going well. 

Elder Cox

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A week to remember

this week was good no clobbering of my comp ha ha.  So I pretty much know all about your trip Brian texted me all the time ha ha keeping me updated ha ha  he even told me you were going to get vegetables from grandpa lol Well this apt has a crock pot so we made it full of chicken, potato's, carrots and stuff so after general conference it was just like being at home on a Sunday. I need some easy crock pot recipes. I am glad you didn't forget about me Brian told me about the post flying over Dayton that was good. I just keep telling myself 50 more days, I mean I don't wanna say it but I am ready to come home I really am ready so I just keep plugging along, one more transfer that's all.  I am leaving all the clothes I have out here so please make sure there are some pants in my closet ha ha. My clothes are destroyed I am going to bring one white shirt and maybe 2 slacks home I am going to leave my black suit its donezo ha ha. I have only worn my blue one twice I need to get it tailored though, the pant legs are to big and the sleeves are to long but I'm going to leave the rest of it here.  I am going to send some packages home today hopefully so you should get them soon, well I know Kasey will share my scary story with you so I wont type it again.

love ya mom ​

This week I was held at gun point ! we had just finished seeing a less active and pulled over on the road to figure out were we were going to go next well we were joking around and stuff so we ended up siting there for like 10 min well a car drives up the road and right before he passes us swerves over and almost hits us but he stopped and sat there we now realize he is just shining his headlights in out window to see us he then backs up and speeds away  we then felt prompted to leave that place so we pull down a block and I felt like we would be safe so I pull over again and we start to figure out were we are going to go so we can get the heck out of there well as we are just about finished the guy pulls up along side us stops and just looks at us for about 30 seconds then he pulls down the road parks and gets out of his car about this time 5 other guys come out of the shadows and they are all standing in the middle of the road  at this point my heart is racing so fast and the only way out is thru the people on the road he is talking to the other people and pointing at us then he pulls something out of his pocket its dark so we are trying to make it out! its a gun my comp says our hearts sank as our impending doom was at hand we feel inspired to start driving so I turn on my head lights my comp says lets say a prayer I heard dear heavenly , and I started to drive I don't remember the rest of the prayer  as we approach the people they clear out of the road and we start to think we might get out of here  just as we were about o pass them the one that was in the car jump out in front of us and points his gun at us I rolled down my window and said what do you want  his response was what the F$$$ are you doing !!!!!! I didn't know what to say and the word we are missionary's come out  his total demeanor changes he backs up and say well god bless and waves us to leave  we have contemplated that moment many times we don't know if god put us there to save someone Else's life or to stop something Else's from happening but it was a day to remember ​

so to start out with it your prayers have been answered for now I have a car  ha ha you told everyone that I was here? that's awesome ha ha this week was great we got our car we had a baptisum and it all went well ha ha I made german pancakes this morning so that just toped it off I am so glad you are having a great time on your trip it look like it has been fun and amazing ha its good to get some pictures of you and dad it has been awhile scince I have gotten to see you mug ha ha  yes I am in the same ward as before it makes it easyer but less exciteing I was kinda hopeing for one last new place were I could start freashy but it was very apperent that this is were god needed me to be we have found so many people that I have kniow just what to say  it has been a great few weeks so far I did get your pakage and it was great ha ha it all gone already ha ha well if you know my going home date and were I am flying into will you tell me i have some people asking about it that want to be there and if you you know the time aswell ha ha other than that i cant belive time is flying so fast i will be home so quick  i never thought this day would come i though i would ether die or come home early ha ha  i never thought i would actually make it ha ha well i love you mom 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


hey it is going alright they put me back on a bike so my back is once again killing me and I am having to go thought the same process of telling them that this is not going to work that it is hindering the work I get bad enough that I was climbing off my bike and my sciatic pinched and I about fell to my knees I know you know hope that feel and it only acts up if I am riding my bike so I don't know why the mission president puts me in these places its frustrating  I really don't trust president welch like I should he came in and is changing and taking away everything that made our mission the leaders on the untied states  he is changing all of our culture changing the mission scripture and song and everything we have come to know and love it is hard to love someone that dose that a lot of the missionary's are not very happy  I have  just been praying that god will help me love him

my new companion is great he want to work hard and be bold and be an outstanding missionary   he is actually from Norway it was spelled ericksen  but when they came to the united states it changed to Erickson  he is from west Jordan and its funny he has got a draw like uncle Jim when he talks  ha he is 23  was inactive and then decided to change his life so he has a super strong testimony cuz he like had to learn it the hard way

the first day we were here we found a lady named sherry  she was so friendly  and we started talking and then she says you ll probably think I am weird but I believe that  Jesus visited the Indians in America ha ha she loves the Indians so we shared with her about the book of Mormon and she is so excited to read it ha ha 

other than that we have a lady that the other elders before we got here were teaching that is getting baptized on the 24th ha ha they had just found her and then they got transferred so we have taught her everything and she passed her interview on Sunday  so we are good to go ha ha I will send pictures
Love you mom have an awesome week